Visappinu vida

- “Let’s say no to hunger”


-Mother Teresa

“Visappinu vida – Let us say No to Hunger”, a joint charitable program of The Fishermen Community Development Programme (FCDP) and TheeradesaMahila Society (TMS), is designed to build awareness and raise funds in an effort to eradicate hunger among the aged in the coastal areas of Kollam.

Fund that is raised through “Vishapinu Vida” directly benefits programs focused on combating hunger among the aged and improving health-related issues. It aims to initially provide 100 nourishing meals a day and nursing care to the needy aged people of the coastal areas of Kollam. We believe that every elderly person has a right to live the rest of his/her life feeling loved, supported, appreciated and honored for his/her contribution to the society. So we, FCDP-TMS take ownership of hunger in the coastal areas of Kollam and do whatever it takes to make sure that lack of nourishment does not diminish their joy. Hunger is a problem that has existed too long in a region with so much bounty and excess.

Together, we’re developing awareness, motivating activists and volunteers, and raising funds to help improve health conditions for the aged in the coastal areas of Kollam. Become a donor today….

Let’s do whatever it takes to assure that no aged in Kollam will ever again have to say, “Hunger Is Me.

To promote a positive attitude among today’s generation towards caring for the elderly and to improve their quality of life by working with like-minded individuals and organizations.

- To provide nutritious food daily to the poverty-stricken elderly people.
- To improve the health of homeless parents through necessary health care initiatives.
- To form a sensitive community that is efficient and caring for the wellbeing of the elderly.
- To alleviate the hunger of the needy in the coastal areas through awareness and fundraising.
- To ensure the overall wellbeing of the elderly.
- To conscientize the community towards adopting an appreciative and grateful approach towards ageing parents.

- Delivering more than a hundred nutritious mid-day meals at the homes of the deserving poor from the coastal area of Kollam, especially the aged and sick.
- Providing basic necessities and medical assistance to the beneficiaries.
- Raising funds from more than a thousand benefactors to alleviate hunger.
- Delivering special meals to the sick as per the doctor’s prescription.
- Identifying those in distress, with the help of volunteers and ensuring necessary intervention.
- Visiting beneficiary homes and facilitating nursing care
- Meetings held every Friday at the Visappinu vida office to ensure smooth execution of the programme.
- Regular meetings of the Executive committee for evaluation of the activities.

- Over 1,20,000 food packets distributed by June 2020.
- Hundreds of volunteers
- Delivery of food packets within a radius of 25km from Thanni to Thangassery.
- Medical assistance to more than 200 people.
- Nursing care at home for the needy.
- Expert executive committee of 14 members.
- Timely interventions
- Eco-friendly vehicle for distribution of food packets.
- Catering team of six committed women.
- Building with own cooking facilities.
- Guidance from experienced and competent board members of FCDP & TMS.

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