Women Empowerment Programme (WEP)

WEP was a programme begun with the aim of building gender equality for women especially in development, peace and security. To address the issue of gender discrimination and inequality, the major reason for the increased violence against women in coastal region, FCDP -TMS started women empowerment programmes by conducting various trainings/workshops in order to create awareness among multiple stakeholders with knowledge and skills

about human and legal rights so that they can emerge with strong leadership qualities and tackle the phenomenon of violence and discrimination against women.

The main strategy of this programme is to empower women through capacity building trainings on gender based issues and domestic violence. The training programmes will introduce and discuss the issues, reasons, consequences of the inequalities and atrocities faced by women, and viable options to prevent these social and gender issues with the community participation. The trainings and awareness programmes will reach to a wider level audience including the affected women, youth, government officials and women leaders.

Project Coordinator: Mr. Anoopraj

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